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Cnc Black Fast Diamond Drilling Tools for Concrete



Disadvantages: Each well needs to excavate a mud pool, which occupies a lot of land; stabilizers, coagulants, and curing agents are required in the curing process, and the processing process is more complicated.

Practical application: This method is currently used in Shengli Oilfield, and the treatment effect is average.

2.2 Centralized treatment field curing method

There is no mud pool at the well site. The outside of the mud circulation tank is made into a concrete underground pool for placing specially made square mud storage tanks to collect waste mud generated during the drilling process at any time and use the mud pump to drive it into the tanker in time , Pull the waste mud to the mud storage site for centralized treatment. The centralized mud treatment site mainly includes a solid-liquid separation tank, a solid-phase treatment tank, a sewage treatment system, a curing agent storage area, and a temporary storage area for solidified materials after solidification. The treated solidified material can be reused, and the treated sewage can be directly discharged up to the standard. Its essence is to transform the decentralized treatment of drilling solid waste into centralized treatment.

Advantages: There is no mud pool, the land area is reduced, the mud does not land, and the clean production of drilling is realized. The drilling site occupies less equipment and personnel. The centralized treatment is easy to manage, and it is convenient to realize mechanized operation and realize the secondary use of waste.

Disadvantages: The recovery of waste drilling fluid requires a lot of transportation costs, which is not suitable for long-distance well sites.

Practical application: The method has been used well in the three wells of Yong920X13, 92OX12 and 92OX6 on the same platform in Shengli Oilfield.



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