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Cnc Black Bit Diamond Drilling Tools for Concrete



1. Drilling refers to the operation of drilling holes in solid materials with a drill. Here is a description of the drilling work in the exploration work, as well as the auxiliary tools needed for drilling and some emergency measures.

2. In geological survey work, a cylindrical circular hole with a smaller diameter and a larger depth is drilled into the ground using drilling equipment, which is also called drilling. The boreholes for oil and gas and groundwater are larger in diameter. The diameter and depth of the borehole depends on the depth of geological mineral burial and the purpose of the borehole.

3. The name of each part of the drilling hole is shown in the figure. The starting part of the hole is called the orifice, the side is called the wall of the hole, and the bottom is called the bottom of the hole. The diameter D of the hole is referred to as the diameter of the hole, the diameter of the hole is called the opening diameter, and the diameter of the hole bottom is called the diameter of the final hole. The distance H from the orifice to the bottom of the hole is called the drilling depth, or hole depth for short. A certain section of the borehole is called a hole section.

4. In the drilling process, the drill bit is the main tool for breaking the rock, and the wellbore is formed by the drill bit breaking the rock. The formation of a wellbore is good or bad, and the length of time it takes is not only related to the characteristics of the formation rock being drilled and the performance of the bit itself, but also to the degree of matching between the bit and the formation. The reasonable selection of the drill bit plays an important role in increasing the drilling speed and reducing the comprehensive cost of drilling.

5. The drill bit is one of the important tools for oil drilling. Whether the drill bit adapts to the nature of the rock and its quality plays a very important role in the selection of drilling technology, especially in terms of drilling quality, drilling speed, and drilling cost. It has had a huge impact. PDC bit is a kind of discoloration tool widely used in the oil and gas exploration and development industry today. It effectively improves the mechanical drilling tools and shortens the drilling cycle.




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