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Can the stone polishing machine polish all kinds of stone?

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Can the stone polishing machine polish all kinds of stone?

According to the different size, shape, structure and function of the added stone, there are many types of stone polishing machines, including column polishing machine, vertical polishing machine and rocker polishing machine. Stone polishing machine is an indispensable equipment in stone processing. Through grinding and polishing all kinds of marble, terrazzo, granite, floor tiles, etc. The stone is smooth and flat, which increases the beauty and usability of the stone.


The main classification of stone polishing machine

The stone polishing machine is characterized by: pole-changing speed-regulating motor, motor seat plate, grinding disc, grinding disc, spindle and flexible rubber coupling are assembled together to form a balanced suspension system, including grinding head, armrest, ring, guide rod, guide sleeve, Counterweight and pivot hinge. The grinding head is installed on the suspension system, which can make the grinding head move up and down as a whole.In addition, the working principle of the stone polishing machine is to use different grinding blocks or blades to change the speed of the motor through shifting or frequency conversion, thereby increasing the smoothness of the stone and making it more marketable.


What kind of stone can be polished by the stone polishing machine?

Bandung Group is a manufacturer of stone polishing machine, which produces color tile machines, stone polishing machines, striped brick machines, terrazzo equipment, imitation marble curbstone machines and other products comparable to natural stone. Next, we mainly introduce which stones can be polished by the stone polishing machine?


The stone polishing machines can simultaneously meet the seven different functional needs of floor washing, stone surface aggravated turning, stone crystal surface treatment, carpet washing, waxing, waxing, and low-speed polishing. In order to avoid the problems of damaged and dirty carpets after cleaning, the designers of Huanbo deliberately added a three-hole socket to the stone polishing machine series to cooperate with the electronic foaming machine, and improve work efficiency and work quality.


Stone polishing machine uses engineering plastic shell and 1.8HP strong power cold air motor, dual capacitor configuration, safe and reliable. With the unique and advanced "sports car-like" streamlined shape design, it shows the essence of luxury and sturdiness. The body of the stone polishing machine is equipped with a built-in stable device with accurate calculations, which makes the operation process easier and effectively reduces work fatigue.


What can not be ignored is the use of stone polishing machines: Floor cleaning, washing and waxing, crystal surface treatment, marble renovation, carpet cleaning and vacuuming, etc. It is an indispensable equipment for daily cleaning and care. The stone polishing machine is especially suitable for factories, office buildings, and restaurants. , Hotels, buildings, cleaning companies, cleaning companies and other places.


Explanation of factors affecting the quality of stone polishing machine polishing

stone polishing machine is a high-energy-efficiency stone equipment, which is widely used in the industry and is favored by customers. When the machine is in use, its work quality is affected by many factors. Today we will tell you about the factors affecting the quality of stone polishing machines.


There are many varieties of stone, and the difference in physical properties, chemical composition, crystal grain size and mineral crystal composition have an impact on the polishing quality. Due to the different crystal quality of stone, uneven surface will be formed during polishing with stone polishing machine. Stones with larger crystal grains are more unevenly polished than those with smaller crystal grains, so small-grain stones are easier to polish than large-grain stones.


The feed rate of the polishing head has a great influence on the polishing quality. Studies have shown that as the feed rate of the polishing head increases, the surface gloss of the stone will decrease, but if the feed rate is too low, it will accelerate the wear and tear of the stone polishing machine. Reduce production efficiency.


The operation mode of the stone polishing machine polishing head should be coordinated with the operation mode of the rough grinding and fine grinding head. The operation mode of the grinding head is divided into vertical and horizontal and density range, as shown in Figure 3. Generally speaking, the operation mode A is used for rough grinding; A+B operation mode is used for fine grinding, and A+B+C+D operation mode is used for polishing. According to the specific conditions, the grinding can be repeated once to obtain a higher surface.


The quality of the stone polishing machine process affects the roughness of the stone surface.

If you consider the internal factors of the stone itself, such as the mineral composition of the stone material, it is mainly manifested in the process characteristics of the stone polishing machines. Stones with different mineral compositions have different polishing process characteristics. For example, a stone mainly composed of serpentine minerals, like large green marble, is a tough stone that can be polished, but is not easy to polish.


Marble contains a certain amount of earth minerals, which will also affect the gloss of the stone. A typical example is the red snail in Anhui. The name of the rock is selected layered bio-limestone. The panels sawn on parallel planes are flower-shaped and biologically decorated, more like clam snails, very beautiful, but because the ore contains a certain amount of clay minerals, it is difficult for the polished panels to achieve a gloss above 85.


Loose granite is often cloud-like minerals that have undergone a certain degree of weathering (clay or hydromica), and the polishing effect of the stone polishing machine is also difficult to achieve the polishing level of fresh granite. This point should be the quality of the stone.


In theory, different minerals should use different polishing agents. Stone polishing machine polishing is a kind of fine processing technology of stone, some people call it surface polishing technology. There are many factors that affect stone polishing, including the process conditions and parameters of the stone polishing machines, the types of polishing agents, auxiliary materials and polishing discs (tools, blocks), and the composition and quality of stone minerals. related. Bandung Group provides a one-time service for the stone factory. Contact us immediately to get help and advice on how to find a suitable stone polishing machines for your respected company!