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CNC Black Core Diamond Drilling Tools for Concrete



After the above-mentioned treatment, the strength of the drilling fluid can reach 1.2MPa or more after 2 to 7 days. After the condensate sample is rained, the leaching fluid is analyzed and the content of harmful substances meets the national emission standards. But there are the following problems: it occupies a lot of land, and the land acquisition cost is high; the mud treatment process is primitive, which is easy to cause secondary pollution and affect the image of the oilfield.

2Current drilling solid waste treatment technology

The current treatment methods for drilling solid waste mainly include: on-site solidification method, drying method, recycling method, vacuum water absorption reverse osmosis treatment method, etc.

2.1 Site curing method

Firstly, the various treatment agents are calculated according to the quantity of drilling fluid, and then the various treatment agents are uniformly mixed according to the design of the ratio. After mixing, they are poured into the drilling fluid pool and stirred evenly, and then the solidified material is compacted with a bulldozer or other compaction machinery. , Make it consolidated.

Advantages: The process is relatively mature. This technology uses common treatment agent materials and industrial waste residues, and with special construction equipment, it can not only reduce the processing cost, but also absorb and seal the harmful substances of the waste drilling fluid. After the surface is covered with soil, it can be replanted. Will not cause harm to the environment due to flooding and loss. The solidified material can be reused, and the treated solidified material can be used for pre-drilling projects such as construction of wellsites and roads, and treatment of soft soil foundations. It is an effective way for oilfield environmental protection and industrial solid waste reuse.




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