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Bridge Stone Cutting Machine for Marble Stone Engraving Machine

Bridge Cutting Machine
  • QZQ-900/1200

Make cutting easier!

Heavy duty structure, High precision laser, programmable system

QZQ-900/1200 Bridge Cutting Machine:

The headstock of machine moves flexibly in three directions, up & down, left & right, forward & backward (in axis X,Y,Z) It is wide-span structure, equipped with 0-360 degree rotary table. The vertical stroke of machine makes speed adjustment easier. 

It is an ideal machine for processing small block, especially for tombstone or monument.



1. SIEMENS main motor with stronger seats.

2. PANASONIC PLC and inverter.

3. Encoder for X, Y, Z movement.

4. Strong cast iron HT200.

5.Touch sensitive Panel Easy for worker to operate.

6.  80-90sqm/ 10hrs for medium hard granite with 140-150mm thicknes.

Bridge Stone Cutting Machine for Quartz in Stone Factory 

After decades of development, CNC cutting machines have made considerable progress in cutting energy and CNC control systems. Cutting energy has evolved from a single flame energy cutting to multiple energy sources (flame, plasma, laser, high-pressure water). Jet) cutting method; CNC cutting machine control system has evolved from simple functions, complex programming and input methods, and low automation to a fully functional, intelligent, graphical, and networked control method; the drive system has also changed from Stepper drive, analog servo drive to today's all-digital servo drive;

The main varieties of CNC cutting machines include the following:

CNC flame cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting machine

CNC laser cutting machine

CNC high pressure water jet cutting machine

Other special special cutting equipment (such as CNC pipe cutting machine, CNC profile cutting machine, other non-metal special cutting equipment, etc.)

2. The characteristics and application of various types of CNC cutting machines

The CNC flame cutting machine has the ability to cut large-thick carbon steel, and the cutting cost is low, but there are large cutting deformations, low cutting accuracy, low cutting speed, long cutting preheating time, long piercing time, and it is difficult to adapt to full automation Operational needs. Its application is mainly limited to the cutting of carbon steel and large thickness plates, and it will gradually be replaced by plasma cutting in the cutting of medium and thin carbon steel plates.

CNC plasma cutting machine, plasma cutting has a wide cutting area, can cut all metal plates, with fast cutting speed and high efficiency, and the cutting speed can reach more than 10m/min. Plasma cutting under water can eliminate the noise, dust, harmful gas and arc pollution generated during cutting, and effectively improve the working environment. The use of fine plasma cutting has made the cutting quality close to the level of laser cutting. With the maturity of high-power plasma cutting technology, the cutting thickness has exceeded 100mm, which has broadened the cutting range of CNC plasma cutting machines.

The CNC laser cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed and high precision. The laser cutting machine is expensive and the cutting cost is high. It is only suitable for thin plate cutting and high precision occasions.

The CNC high-pressure water jet cutting machine is suitable for cutting any material (metal, non-metal, composite material), with high cutting precision, no thermal deformation, and an environmentally friendly cutting method. Its disadvantages are slow cutting speed, low efficiency and high cutting cost.

Other CNC cutting machines: including CNC pipe cutting machines, CNC section steel cutting machines, CNC bevel cutting machines, CNC woodworking cutting machines, these special cutting equipment are mainly used for CNC cutting of various special profiles, and there are not many manufacturers in the market.

Technical Parameters

1. Bridge Cutting machine





Max. diameter of blade





Main motor power




Blade vertical stroke




Table dimensions(L×W)




Table rotating degree




Max. cutting size (L×W×H)




Overall dimensions(L×W×H)




Water consumption




Approximate weight




The head stroke of machine moves flexibly in three directions, up& down, left & right, forward & backward ( in axis X.Y,Z). It is wide-span structure, equipped with 0-360 degree rotary table, the vertical stroke of machine makes speed adjustment easier. It is an ideal machine for processing small block, especially for tombstone or monument.


Detail Display

1、screw rod lifting system(optional)

2、computer controlled system

3、laser device


5、steel base(optional)


PART OF WANLONG Stone Machinery Customers(Workshop)

Bridge Stone Cutting Machine for Quartz Wanlong Stone Machinery

Pre-Sales Service

1. Inquiry and consulting support.

2. View our Factory.

3. Visiting Local stone factories to see our machine performance

4. Visiting Local stone factories to see our machine performance

5. After-Sales Service

Dispatching Technician to Overseas for Machine installation and Traning how to operate the machine.

6. warantee 12 months


Packaging Shipping

Packge depends on the quanity and the product feature

sea worthy packaging, fully wrapped with waterproof membrane and air bubbles. 1 set with one 20ft container(20GP) or LCL



Customer Oriented,Honest and Highly Responsible Team  

Bridge Stone Cutting Machine for Quartz Exhibition 


1. South Asia:India, Pakistan, Bengal, Sri lanka, etc

2. South East Asia:Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand

3. Mid East:Iran, Saudi Arab, UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Israel etc

4. Africa:Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa

5. America:USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, etc

6. Oceania:Australia, New zealand

7. Europe:Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Yugoslavia,Latvia,Lithuania,Sweden, Finland, Danmark, Spain, Greece, Turkey



Bridge Stone Cutting Machine for Quartz Certification

From the perspective of the application of various CNC cutting machines, the overall level of the domestic production of CNC cutting machines, such as the technical level and overall performance of the machine, has made gratifying progress, gradually catching up with the international advanced level, meeting the needs of users, and further improving the market. Competitiveness. Some domestic CNC plasma cutting products have formed their own unique characteristics in many aspects, achieving "automation, multi-function and high reliability". In some respects, the technical performance of the product even exceeds that of foreign products.

From the perspective of development trend, the CNC flame cutting machine in the CNC cutting machine market will maintain its basic market, the water jet cutting market will increase to a certain extent, and the CNC plasma cutting machine and CNC laser cutting machine will become the mainstream in the plate cutting market Power, special profile CNC cutting equipment, contact and non-contact non-metal special CNC cutting equipment will also have greater room for development, and the entire CNC cutting machine market will continue to expand. Improve the production efficiency and cutting quality of the CNC cutting machine, reduce the cost of production and use, improve the automation level and system stability of the whole machine, and improve the system functions have become the direction of its technological development.

Company Introduction

Manufacture and use of tools make human beings have the chances to get more natural resources and create a brilliant civilization.Wanlong has dedicated to stone cutting and stone application since 1993.Today, a daily average of 100,000 pieces of Wanlong diamond tools are exported around the world. Insisting on technological innovation, we continue to create more efficient and more cost-effective diamond tools. We have developed laminated stone panel.