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Bridge Saw Stone Cutting Machine Automatic Quartz and Sink Hole Cutting Machine

Mono-block Bridge Cutting Machine
  • YTQQ-500/600

Make cutting easier!

YTQQ-500 Mono-block Bridge Cutting Machine

This is a PLC controlled slab cutting machine which adopts a integrated steel base, so concrete base is not need for this model and its easy to be installed or moved. The saw is equipped with a laser illumination system to aid in lining up the cut. It’s blade head can be rotated at 0-90 degree .


1. Mono-block machine, easy for container loading and machine installation.

2. Cutting head uses the same structure as Italy 5-axis laser bridge cutting machine, more reasonable and stable.

3. Blade can rotate 90 degrees and tilt 45 degree while worktable can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 85 degrees, easy for cutting direction changing and slabs loading.

4. The main electrical components are well-known international brands: Panasonic PLC and Inverter, Fuji contactor.

5. Transverse and longitudinal magnetic grid are used to ensure the accuracy and stability of the equipment.

6. Cross beam use the high strength of the castings, avoid deformation after long-term use.

7. Host walking gear row with high precision, cooperate oil-immersed guide transmission, less resistance, high accuracy realized.

8. Vertical movement of machine head is driven by hydraulic system, and the stroke is adjustable.

9. CE certificate.


Stone Cutting Machine Price for Marble in Nepal in Stone Factory  

1. It is with automatic tilting machine head and hydraulic tilting work table.

2. By using advanced  computer control system to achieve multi programming methods, including manual programming or PC programming ,

3. Achieve fully automatic processing operation and some powerful functions, like easy-operation auto cutting, edge polishing, slotting, kitchen countertop processing, special shape processing and other operations.

Technical Parameters

1. YTQQ-500

Mono-block Bridge Cutting Machine




Max. diameter of blade



Main motor power



Cutting head rotating degree


Table dimensions(L×W )



Table tilting degree


Max. cutting size(L×W×H )



Overall dimensions(L×W×H )



Water consumption



Approximate Weight




- Compact structure, small area coverage, no need to do ground foundation.

- Using advanced computer control system to achieve higher working efficiency.

- Powerful functions combined in one machine to achieve almost all processing works for small sized factory.

- High quality electrical components with long service life and low maintenance cost.


2. 90°Rotation

It’s blade head can be rotated at 0-90 degreeStone Cutting Machine Price for Marble in Nepal 90°Rotation 

Detail Display 

The main electrical components are used internationally renowned brands

1、 computer controlled system

2、 Strong CastingStrong Casting Iron crossbeam and vertical beam to avoid distortion after long- term use

3、 Frequency ConvertersPLC controlled system/ frequency converters- Panasonnic;

4、 Main Motormain motor -  Siemens

5、 accurate hydraulic system

6、 ContactorFujiOptional Motor Power: 37kw,45kw and 55kw are available

Easy OperatingSimple Graphical Interface with Touch Screen, easy for understanding and operating



Product Photograph

Mono-block Bridge Cutting MachineStone Cutting Machine Price for Marble in Nepal Product Photograph

Packaging Shipping

Packge depends on the quanity and the product feature

sea worthy packaging, fully wrapped with waterproof membrane and air bubbles. 1 set with one 20ft container(20GP) or LCL



The machine endowed with high steadiness,effective and simple in operating characters,Hence,It is suitable to process high value,large size granite and marble slab.


Customer Oriented,Honest and Highly Responsible Team  Stone Cutting Machine Price for Marble in Nepal Exhibition


1. South Asia:India, Pakistan, Bengal, Sri lanka, etc

2. South East Asia:Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand

3. Mid East:Iran, Saudi Arab, UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Israel etc

4. Africa:Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa

5. America:USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, etc

6. Oceania:Australia, New zealand

7. Europe:Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Yugoslavia,Latvia,Lithuania,Sweden, Finland, Danmark, Spain, Greece, Turkey



CertificationStone Cutting Machine Price for Marble in Nepal Certification

Company Introduction

Manufacture and use of tools make human beings have the chances to get more natural resources and create a brilliant civilization.Wanlong has dedicated to stone cutting and stone application since 1993.Today, a daily average of 100,000 pieces of Wanlong diamond tools are exported around the world. Insisting on technological innovation, we continue to create more efficient and more cost-effective diamond tools. We have developed laminated stone panel.

Diamond tools: Wanlong's mission is to make no stone hard to cut in the world, to help customer save production costs. More than 20 years in the line of diamond tools industry, Wanlong’s technological innovation improves the cutting efficiency, and save the cost for end-users.

Stone Industry: Wanlong developed Aluminum Plastic Laminated Panel, Honeycomb Laminated Panel, Ceramic Thin Marble Panel, Fiberglass Thin Granite Panel, Fire Proof Thin Granite Panel and other new stone products. Not only save stone (3-5mm super thin stone, the original 1-3cm reduced to 3-5mm), but also let stone products have properties (impact resistance, high-temperature resistant, fire resistant, light weight, large single size 140x280cm ), expanding the application of the stone (high-rise building interior wall decoration, airplane and yacht interiors).

Stone Machinery: Wanlong mechanical's mission is to provide customers with advanced technology solutions for efficient tools production. 26 years’ practical experience in stone machinery industry contributes to rich experience and Technological advantage of diamond tools. Wanlong machinery will fit the needs of customers with more sophisticated services to fulfill the mission.