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Black Cnc Dry Diamond Drilling Tools for Concrete



Disadvantages: The fuel coal consumption is large, the processing cost is high, the recycling range is limited, and the mud pollution problem cannot be fundamentally solved, and further improvement is needed.

Practical application: This method has a good effect in the field application of Xin11X93 and other wells in Shengli Oilfield.

2.5 Vacuum water absorption reverse osmosis treatment method

This technology uses the developed composite high-efficiency flocculant to flocculate mud and rock cuttings to destroy the colloidal state, and then uses vacuum adsorption to separate the salt cement slurry system from the mud. After vacuum adsorption and washing with water, the salt in mud and rock debris is removed. The light cement slurry does not need to be washed. The organic combination of composite filtration, precision filtration, two-stage reverse osmosis and two-effect rising film evaporation has formed a set of waste mud treatment equipment to remove harmful components in the water. After treatment, the mud and rock debris can reach GB5085.3. The requirements of 2007 "Identification Standard for Leaching Toxicity of Hazardous Wastes" have solved the pollution of arable land caused by waste drilling mud. Consolidating agents such as fly ash are added for road construction and well site construction, and the mud cake can be used for secondary use. , Completely eliminate its hazards. The quality of the treated water can reach the corresponding standards in GB8978-1996 "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard", and the filtrate can be reused in drilling wells or discharged after reaching the standard to achieve the purpose of recycling waste mud.

Advantages: Elimination of traditional abandoned mud pools, saving a lot of land resources, saving mud pool land acquisition fees, young crop compensation fees and sewage charges; high degree of mechanization, pollution is generated at the same time, and integrated construction is realized; equipment is sophisticated , Compact, good treatment effect; less people on site, low treatment cost.



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