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Black Cnc Diamond Drilling Tools with A Button for Concrete



3. Drilling into the target layer

After the surface layer is solidified, a drill bit of a certain size smaller than the first opening is used to drill into the deep part of the formation (referred to as "second opening"). At this time, it is generally necessary to continuously record the geological data and to encrypt the relevant geological data when needed or in the required well section to solve the related needs of geological research and drilling engineering. Before drilling to the target layer, when encountering some special conditions such as easy collapse layer, high water production layer, abnormal high pressure (or low pressure) layer, etc., which are difficult to control during drilling, it is necessary to run technical casing for solidification. After the well is drilled, a drill bit smaller than the "two-opening" is used to drill into the target layer (usually called "three-opening"). After drilling to the target layer, it is generally necessary to perform data recording for many special requirements (such as core taking, well logging, etc.).

4. Midway test

Some exploratory wells may find good oil and gas before drilling to the designed target zone. At this time, drilling can be stopped as needed, and the drill pipe can be used as a conduit for the formation fluid to flow from the bottom of the well to the wellhead to verify the oiliness and productivity of the formation. The main purpose of the test. This is the halfway test. After the halfway test is over, it is generally necessary to continue drilling.

5. Completion electrical testing

In the process of exploration well drilling, if valuable oil, gas and water layers are found, the logging of the project can be arranged at any time according to the specific situation, but this kind of situation is generally not much, if it is not particularly urgent or important, it is generally arranged in the final drilling When conducting electrical surveys with other important layers. When a well is completed, a systematic and comprehensive well logging is generally required to obtain electrical survey data for multiple projects throughout the well. This type of logging is called completion electrical logging to distinguish it from other logging. Completion electrical logging can obtain systematic logging data for each interval of the entire well. It is of great significance for the detailed division and comparison of downhole strata and the understanding of the lithology and physical properties of the target layer and the hydrocarbon-bearing properties. It is a must in drilling. Important information for admission.



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