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Black Cnc Diamond Drilling Tools for Concrete



1 Source of drilling solid waste and its treatment status

1.1 Sources and components of drilling solid waste

Drilling solid waste is a multi-phase stable colloidal suspension system produced in the process of petroleum exploration and development, containing clay, aggravating materials, various chemical treatment agents, sewage, dirty oil and drill cuttings. Drilling solid waste is mainly generated by the following reasons: (1) the replaced drilling fluid that is not suitable for drilling engineering and geological requirements; (2) the drilling fluid that is discharged due to partial unqualified performance during the drilling process; (3) the end Drilling fluid replaced by clean water in the wellbore during the well; (4) Drilling fluid discharged from the drilling fluid circulation system dripping and leaking; (5) Wastewater generated during drilling construction; (6) Drill cuttings, drilled out of the formation Carried out rock debris, such as salt rock, gypsum, Glauber's salt, sulfide, etc.

The physical and chemical components of drilling solid waste that harm the environment: various polymers, heavy metal ions, salts, asphalt and other modified substances. If evaluated according to environmental indicators, the main pollution indicators are: chroma, COD, suspended solids, heavy metals, etc. Among them, various polymers are one of the main reasons for the high COD value of drilling waste fluid. Various dark additives such as sulfonated substances are an important reason for the dark brown and high color of drilling waste fluid, and it is also difficult for drilling solid waste. One of the reasons for meeting the waivers standard.

1.2 Status of drilling solid waste treatment

At present, Shengli Oilfield uses on-site solidification and landfill for the treatment of drilling solid waste, using chloride as destabilizing agent, PAM as coagulant aid, cement and fly ash as solidifying agent to solidify drilling solid waste. The specific method is as follows: excavate a mud pool near the drilling well site, pour the drilling mud into the mud pool, pour the destabilizing agent evenly into the mud pool along the walls of the pool, and then stir evenly with an excavator. The mixing time is about 1 hour. Add the metered coagulant aid (PAM) solution, continue to stir evenly with an excavator, the stirring time is about 1h, then stop the stirring, after standing for 1.5~2.5h, separate the supernatant liquid, add cement and fly ash to the lower slurry Wait for the curing agent, stir and solidify at rest, and landfill after drying for a period of time.



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