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Abrasives for Processing Stone Abrasives for Stone Marble

Polishing Wheel(Resin)

Resin Fickert

Long life span, high sharpness and good polishing quality

Diamond Abrasives for Stone Good Quality Abrasives for Stone


Technical Parameters

Resin Fickert













1. Long life span, high sharpness and good polishing quality

2. Resin bonded fickert is used for fine grinding and accuracy grinding on granite slabs in automatic polishing machine


Product display

High efficiency High glossiness High quality

Diamond Abrasives for Stone Good Quality Abrasives for Stone Product display

Diamond Abrasives for Stone Good Quality Abrasives for Stone Product display

Diamond grinding wheel is a super-hard abrasive grinding wheel. Compared with ordinary abrasive grinding wheel, it has obvious characteristics and advantages:

1. The hardness of the diamond abrasive determines the main characteristics of the diamond grinding wheel. It can efficiently grind hard alloys, glass, ceramics and other difficult-to-machine materials, and the grinding tools have the longest service life.

2. Diamond has high abrasion resistance. The smaller the grinding wheel wear, the longer the use time. In the grinding process, the size, shape and morphology of the diamond grit change little, which is more suitable for high-precision processing and production High efficiency, diamond grinding wheel is a tool that can satisfy both high efficiency and precision machining.

3. The sharpened diamond grinding wheel can maintain the long-term micro-edge properties of the abrasive grains. The good cutting performance ensures a small grinding force during the grinding process, thereby reducing the grinding power and saving energy.

4. The thermal conductivity of diamond is very good, which is conducive to the evacuation of heat, avoids workpiece burns, cracks and lumps, and greatly improves the quality of workpiece surface processing.


Diamond Abrasives for Stone Good Quality Abrasives for Stone Application

Representation difference

1. Marble grinding block polishing is the prelude to stone care crystal surface treatment. After stone care and polishing, it has high luminosity, high definition, abrasion resistance, stepping resistance, and scratch resistance. It is the true embodiment and value extension of the use of stone.

2. The luminosity of the stone after waxing and polishing is low, the luminosity is not clear, and it is very fuzzy, not wear-resistant, water-resistant, easy to scratch, oxidize and turn yellow, which reduces the essential image of the stone.

Due to the characteristics and advantages of diamond abrasives, diamond grinding wheels have become an ideal tool for grinding hard and brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, gems, stone, and hard alloys. With the progress of the times, the development of science, the needs of society, the development of new materials, and the continuous development of grinding processing towards high-quality, high-precision, high-efficiency, and automation, the role of diamond grinding wheels is becoming more and more obvious. Metal bond The diamond grinding wheel has high holding strength, long service life and low wear, so that the diamond grinding wheel can give full play to its wear resistance and strong cutting ability in high-speed and ultra-high-speed, high-efficiency and high-precision grinding, especially in hard, brittle and difficult machining The material shows its obvious advantages and is widely used. Diamond grinding wheels are used in almost all sectors of the industry, such as aerospace, mold manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and optical processing manufacturing. Ceramic materials, optical materials, aero-engine turbine blades, silicon wafer products, etc. are mostly ground with diamond grinding wheels.

Finished product detection

114 degree slab glossiness black granite polished by our

Diamond Abrasives for Stone Good Quality Abrasives for Stone product detection

Consistent Quality Control:  

1. Raw material  

have advanced device for diamond, powder ete inspection;

2. Finshed product

All produced product has been inspetion and approved before shipment.

3. Production

production procedure been strictly controlled by quality controlled department;

Any quality related problem that we are care and will solved for client.


Packaging & Shipping

Packge depends on the quanity and the product feature

1. By air

min. weight 35kgs;  freight as per your airport

2. By Express

DHL, UPS, TNT etc. normally less than 35 kgs parcel, freight would be varousas per your country

3. By sea

can be Less than Container Load and Full Container Load; freight is according to the shiping company quoation to your seaport

Fast deliver time: 7- 15 days. To rough idea: most of order lead time is 7 days-10days.



Customer Oriented,Honest and Highly Responsible Team  

 Diamond Abrasives for Stone Good Quality Abrasives for Stone Exhibition


1、South Asia:India, Pakistan, Bengal, Sri lanka, etc2、South East Asia:Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand3、Mid East:Iran, Saudi Arab, UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Israel etc

4、Africa:Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa5、America:USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, etc6、Oceania:Australia, New zealand

7、Europe:Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Yugoslavia,Latvia,Lithuania,Sweden, Finland, Danmark, Spain, Greece, Turkey



Diamond Abrasives for Stone Good Quality Abrasives for Stone Certification 

Company Introduction

Manufacture and use of tools make human beings have the chances to get more natural resources and create a brilliant civilization.Wanlong has dedicated to stone cutting and stone application since 1993.Today, a daily average of 100,000 pieces of Wanlong diamond tools are exported around the world. Insisting on technological innovation, we continue to create more efficient and more cost-effective diamond tools. We have developed laminated stone panel.

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