• Wanlong Stone Machinery Co.,Ltd is the most professional stone processing solution provider from China.

    Wanlong has been committed to designing and manufacturing world class stone machinery since 1993.

    Equipped with its own high quality diamond tools, Wanlong now can provide integrated stone processing system of cutting, polishing and drilling.

    Wanlong can not only help existing stone factories to expand production capacity and improve efficiency;but also, it can provide those newly-built stone factories with best stone processing solution by optimizing combined use of our own stone machinery and diamond tools.


WANLONG stone machinery CO.,LTD

What makes us Wanlong stand out from other competitors? Since Wanlong has its own machinery factory and stone processing factory, our company's innovation team can fully obtain our company's new formula products before entering the market. Our new products can be fully obtained in our own machinery factory and stone factory. Test, get the fastest and most accurate feedback for our new products

Wanlong will be committed to win-win cooperation with dealers and end users, while making stone processing easier....


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